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marshallhigh's Journal

John Marshall High School
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John Marshall High School


This community is for anyone who is affiliated with or just plain interested in John Marshall High School, which is located between Eastport Plaza and I-205 in Southeast Portland.

marshallhigh was founded by thomasngo and is co-managed by blind, both members of the last graduating class of JMHS--
The Class of 2004.

How to post (for beginners): First you join to get posting access. Then from the top menu on this page under "Journal," click on the "..." next to "Update." Remember to select "marshallhigh" under "Journal to post in."

Simple Layout Guidelines: If your post somehow causes the recent entries page to scroll horizontally, you will be asked to change it. If you post large images that require horizontal scrolling, please use an lj-cut tag. Failure to edit after 2 days of a request will result in post deletion.

Portland area high schools:
If your school's LJ community isn't listed here, please tell us by posting on our community.